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A NFT collection by Miguel Ángel Martín

Miguel Ángel Martín presenting Emotional Snacks, the NFT collection

Back in 2007, the popular comic book artist Miguel Ángel Martín began a collaboration with the online newspaper soitu.es. He illustrated 300 articles about Sex written by the team of sexologists M. Pérez, J.J. Borrás and X. Zubieta. The topics covered in the articles went from sex therapists, the use of condoms, sex in public or chemsex; always from an open-minded perspective.

Eighteen years later, we are honoured at ComicArtNFT to publish the first NFT collection by Miguel Ángel Martín, that will consist of 25 selected drawings from that legendary collaboration with soitu.es.

‘Emotional Snacks’ is a manual selection of Martín’s best illustrations, full of the style and the characteristic use of colour of the author. Now you can purchase one of these historic pieces in digital format from the comfort of your home. Don’t forget to follow us on social media and contact us if you have any questions about how to purchase an NFT.

The Collection

The cards shown below belong to the ‘Emotional Snacks’ collection that will go on sale on 26 September 2022.

Every illustration has a starting price which may increase depending on market demand. At the moment the starting prices are very affordable, and hopefully the prices will increase from release date and will attract artists, collectors and investors in digital art.

The future of digital art

Solsea, es una plataforma pionera de NFT

‘Emotional Snacks’ is Miguel Ángel Martín’s first crypto-based digital art collection. The collection will be distributed through the Solana network, one of the most important NFT networks. The secondary market chosen for sale is Solsea, one of the most important digital art marketing networks, dedicated to promoting the work of independent artists.

The digital art buyer does not need physical space to collect his works, as they are safely stored in the crypto network.

The transactions that take place on the network are completely transparent, and the NFTs are shielded against piracy or unauthorised copying. You will know at all times who has acquired each illustration, at what price and at what time. The Solana crypto network acts as a worldwide archive that ensures the transparency and traceability of the art sold.

In addition, using the Solana network has some interesting benefits. For example, reselling your collection has almost no cost. In other networks such as Ethereum, the transaction fees (gas fee) can be more expensive than the cost of the original illustration.

Another important benefit is that every time you buy a piece of art you reward the author with royalty payments. The payment of these incentives are automatically and transparently transferred to the author every time an illustration or a piece of art is sold.

Become part of this legendary collection

Purchasing one of the 25 unique illustrations of this collection is dead easy. If you already have experience with the Solana network, you can jump to step 5.

Once you have purchased your artwork, you will be able to see it active in the ‘Your Collectibles’ section of the Phantom Wallet.

  1. First of all, we’re going to need a digital wallet. The Phantom Wallet is Solana’s most popular digital wallet. To download it, go to the following page: https://phantom.app/
  2. Install the extension for your browser or download the app for your mobile.
  3. Once you have created your Phantom Wallet, click on the ‘Deposit’ button.
  4. Purchase Solana (SOL) cryptocurrency using the MoonPay option. This option is subject to the agent fees.
  5. Now that you have funds in your wallet, go to the collection page on Solsea: https://solsea.io/c/62b96734f198d91a77591374
  6. Choose the illustration you want to buy, and click the ‘Buy‘ button. If the illustration has already been bought by someone else, you can request a bid to buy the artwork by clicking on the ‘Bid‘ button.
  7. Once you have purchased your illustration, you will be able to see it active in ‘Your Collectibles’ menu of the Phantom Wallet.

If you want to be the brand new owner of an illustration by Miguel Ángel Martín and be part of history, add this day to your calendar: 26 September 2022. Don’t forget, as the 25 illustrations could sell out sooner than expected. Will keep you informed via social media.